With our base in Anitigua we are up-to-date with all the regions building and specification codes for each island. Our technology allows us to add creativity to design while incorporating all regional codes.
Elrie Farrell & Associates Architects is an architectural practice based in Antigua. The team is led by its principal and founder Elrie Farrell. The practice has designed buildings in urban, rural and coastal locations in the Antigua and beyond, for clients in the public sector, the financial services sector, manufacturing industry and the arts, and also for private individuals.

Elrie Farrell & Associates working methods are based on a collegiate mentality which is key in generating much of our creative energy. Teams are purpose built for every job, with a director, project architect and job architect as consistent points of contact throughout the project. The evolution of any design involves the use of a number of in-house media including CAD visualisation, model making, 3D prototyping, painting, and hand drawing.

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